Seattle Road Trip

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan then you understand my excitement when I arrived in Seattle. Kiara (my best friend) and I decided to visit Seattle for the day! The morning drive was so nice because of the scenic view. As soon as we arrived to Seattle I was so excited to see the city I’ve heard so much about.

We found a really cool cafe called Fonte Cafe, which conveniently is right next to the Seattle Art Museum. The cafe has a really great view of the museum and has a really cool atmosphere. We had delicious coffee and an even tastier breakfast!

After breakfast, we were super excited to explore the art museum and I honestly wasn’t expecting how amazing the museum would be. I have been to several art museums and they have for the most part just showed American artists but the Seattle Art Museum (SAT) had amazing pieces celebrating all cultures. We saw pieces showing Indian, Japanese, European, Mexican and Indigenous art. It was a giant building full of culture and fascinating pieces. They have a student discount so I would HIGHLY recommend this museum. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

This was one of my favorite pieces. The artist said her inspiration was that ever since she found out about her cancer, her world feels like it’s in flames.

After SAT we explored Pike’s Place Market! I got so excited as I read the Public Market sign. It’s so cool to see a place, in real life, that has been in so many pictures. I instantly saw how busy the market was and the great amount of flower shops available. There were several people holding beautiful bouquets filled with bright tulips. The market is filled with food, flowers, art, spices, tea shops, book stores and so much more.

Along with the market, we saw the first ever Starbucks! I show this on my Seattle vlog ( @PerlaRashel on YouTube) and we can’t forget the iconic Gum Wall. I was surprised at how long the gum wall is. I thought it was going to be literally just a wall but its a whole alley filled with colorful pieces of gum.

I had the absolute best time in Seattle and I CAN’T WAIT to see it again. There was only so much we could see in a day. Next time I go I am definitely spending a few days there. This trip was all I could hope for: coffee shops, art museums, and a beautiful view. To top it off, as we were leaving the city I took a selfie with the Space Needle!



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