Baja California Roadtrip: San Ignacio

Hi, lovelies! These last few weeks you may have noticed that I haven’t posted and that is because I wanted to just unplug from social media and spend time with family and friends. As much as I love blogging and posting on social media, I really missed just being in the moment and going to places because I wanted to go on an adventure and not because I thought it would be a good insta pic.

I am currently writing this while sitting outside of my cabana, soaking up the sun. I’m by the pool and just loving life. My family and I have been travelling the Mexican state, Baja California. The first stop on the trip, San Ignacio. After traveling for hours through the desert we stopped in this cute pueblo. Not only is this town famous for its fresh fruit and oasis, its also famous for the 300-year-old church, Mision San Ignacio! One of the elders from the town was so kind as to give us a tour of the church and a history lesson on how it came to be!

Fortunately, we came just in time for a celebration that they do for San Ignacio. This festival is full of carnival games, amazing food, and lively music. Discovering places that are not very touristy is the best because you get to be fully emersed in the culture of the town. These festivities made my family and myself feel apart of the community. If you are ever in Baja California, definitely take a trip to San Ignacio.


     This is the view going into San Ignacio. How gorgeous is this?!?  There was a woman selling these to the people coming to the city. I loved all the color and handmade details in these pieces.


Next stop on the Baja California road trip, Mulege…


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