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I love seeing people pursuing their dream so fiercely and passionately. I find people like this so inspiring because they work their ass off to achieve their dreams. One of the people that inspire me to pursue my dreams is my friend, Carlos Olguin. Ever since I’ve known Carlos he has always been a hard working and dedicated person. He’s the type of person that even though he may be busy, he always makes time to help people out. I wanted to feature Carlos in my blog in the hopes that his words inspire you to never take no for an answer and to make opportunities happen for yourself. I wanted to know what drives him and what keeps him going in such a tough industry. He is currently attending Studio School in Los Angeles where he is a dancer, actor, producer and director. Here’s what he had to say for finding motivation and the drive to make his dreams a reality:

“I’m a person that has lots of ideas, whether they work or not is one thing, but I never run out of ideas. If something doesn’t work out then onto the next. I have this thing that when I work on a project I give my 100%, no ands or buts. If I’m not 100% on a project then what’s the point of being apart of it. If you don’t fully believe in yourself and your work then no one else will believe in it.”

Since he is living L.A I was curious as to the challenges he has faced because he is in such a tough industry:

“Being in L.A everything is just commercial and what’s going to make money. Creativity is kind of being left out in lots of projects. When in reality, creativity is what makes money and most importantly what inspires people. Coming from immigrant parents and being a DACA recipient limits the opportunities I get. This pushes me harder to get opportunities for myself that I otherwise wouldn’t get. I don’t ever let this stop my ambitions. Being a hispanic male and apart of the LGBT+ community makes it even harder to land any roles. If you want things to happen for you then you make it happen. You can’t rely on others for your success. The biggest thing that will keep you going is your mind set. If you aren’t thinking positively then you will just run out of passion and you stop what you love doing.”

What is hard for a lot of people is constantly being told no. I also asked Carlos how he stays so passionate when he is constantly hearing no and having ideas being shut down:

“My parents raised me to never take no for an answer. If this is your calling then you will never take no for an answer. You have to fully love what you’re doing even if you are constantly hearing no, otherwise you need to find something else to be passionate about. When creating a project you can’t blame people for not being apart of it, you have to find a way to make it work. In order to succeed you have to be the hardest working person in the room. Make opportunities happen.”

After speaking with Carlos I felt so inspired to keep pursuing my dreams. He is an excellent example of hard work, passion, and ambition. Seeing how hard he works is amazing and everytime he announces a project I just get so happy that he is living his dream. I hope this post pushes you to never stop working and to make opportunities happen.

Help Carlos with his latest project by donating to his GoFundMe! :

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