I Spent A Week In Portland!

Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a good start to this year like I am. I decided months ago that I would take a week vacation to Portland Oregon. I have wanted to visit Portland for years and I am now finally able to do so. My best friend, Kiara, goes to college there so I thought it would be a really fun time for us.

The airplane trip was two short hours. I remember looking out the window (because of course, I got a window seat) and literally gasping at how green and beautiful Oregon is from a bird’s eye view. I met up with Kiara and I instantly fell in love with the city. We drove around a little to grab food and so I can get a feel of the city.

The next day was a full on tourist day. First, we decided to get breakfast at a French restaurant called La Provence. This is a really good place outside of Portland that I would recommend if you have a love for French food. They also have the best croissants I’ve ever had.

After breakfast we decided to check out the world famous bookstore, Powells. This was definitely a place I really wanted to visit while in the city. It is a whole city block filled with all the books you could want. It is a book lovers dream in there! I picked up two books because I wanted to remember that place. They also have lots of cute souvenirs and a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the book you picked up.

Across the bookstore was a retro-looking pizza restaurant! We stopped at Sizzle Pie for a quick bite and it was honestly the best pizza I’ve had. It was a perfect place for a cute polaroid. They also have vegan options as well!

After this, if you can believe it, we went to get Salt N Straw. If you don’t know, it’s a bomb ice cream place that started in Portland and is famous for all their unique flavors. I ended up getting an ice cream flavor that had “olive oil” in the name! Every month they have new flavors and this month was all vegan inspired!

The next day we headed to Seattle!! There will be a separate post for that coming soon.

After we got back from Seattle we hit up three icon Portland places. First, we visited the Keep Portland Weird sign for a photo op. This is a perfect place to go because across the street is the Portland favorite, Voodoo Donuts. They have so many cool flavors, even vegan donuts, for you to try.

Thankfully, there was no line but for the most part this place can get pretty packed so make sure to plan accordingly.

Next, since coffee shops in Portland are iconic we decided to go to Stumptown Coffee that is famous for their amazing lattes! My two ex-Barista friends really recommend this place! The inside is overall really chilled out and really relaxing to enjoy your drink and chat with friends.

I ended up getting a chai latte and it was so freaking good!

We finished the day by visiting the Portland sign! I went during the day but I recommend definitely going during the night. At night it lights up but it will be dark so if you plan to take pictures take a note of that!

So far, I have absolutely fallen in love with the city. I love the fact that on every street there are cute and unique places that I can’t find anywhere else. There are countless photo ops all over the area, which makes this a great city for a blogger. Portland has such unique and creative vibes, I never want to leave!

This is part one of my Portland trip. Part two will be coming soon and as well as the Seattle post. I will also be uploading my first YouTube video all about my trip! Stay on the look out for uploads!


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