I Could Be Your Supermodel

I’ve always loved music. I love the way it makes you feel, how it can remind you of an event, of someone, a specific memory, how it can take you away from your reality. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my two loves: music and fashion. This summer I will share with you outfits inspired by 3 different albums. The album that will inspire the looks for this month is CTRL by SZA. Specifically, this outfit is inspired by her song Supermodel. My interpretation is that there is a woman whose boyfriend is always leaving her for prettier women. If she convinces her boyfriend that she could be his supermodel, then she can convince herself that she is worthy of his attention. This woman may look put together but she is falling apart. She is falling apart over someone else’s opinion of her. She needs him. She needs him. She could be your supermodel if you see it in her.


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