Get The Look: Ashley Graham

If you read my blog posts you know that I LOVE Ashley Graham. I love her style, confidence, and how unapologetic she is about her body. Ever since I found out who she was I’ve been obsessed! I wanted to recreate one of her looks for my blog! Her style is all about the curves! She always shows off her waist by adding a belt around her waist to further show off her hips.

The look that I recreated was one that she wore to a meet and greet. She looks so beautiful in this outfit! I found an almost similar jacket at Savers! It was the exact same except that mine is shorter than hers. I paired it with a black dress and a thick belt that will help accentuate¬†my own curves! I matched it with my favorite black buckle shoes that I’ve shown in other looks. As for the belt, it actually has a metallic black alligator print which I think adds texture and pattern to the look! Overall, this looks made me feel really confident and made me embrace my body like Ashley!

Photographer: IG @fearmepeasants
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