Gemini: Night

  Gemini’s two sides are like day and night. Night is someone that when she comes to play she is unforgettable. She loves feeling wild and carefree. She loves the night sky so much she wears her favorite star necklace all the time. Often times you’ll see her with jewels on her face because she likes the look, she doesn’t care if you approve or not. Night lives for herself and eliminates those who stand in her way.

Spontaneity and adventure are her two favorite words. Night loves those days that start one way and end in a thrilling and unexpected manner. Exploring new places and seeing new things intensifies her hunger for travel and wander.
She is the queen of resting bitch face. She has trusted the wrong people too often and won’t let them get in her way ever again. Once you get Night’s cold shoulder, it’s hard for her to let you back in. She values her own inner peace over anything else. She won’t change who she is to please others.The stars and the moon have stayed the same for millions of years yet they never fail to light the night sky. Why should she let her sky be filled with black holes instead of the brightest stars ever known?

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