Gemini: Day

 Every Gemini has two sides to them, what they allow you to see and what they keep hidden. Gemini’s two sides are like day and night. Day is warm, bright and filled with innocence. You never see her without a smile and laughter leaving her lips. She is kind and comforting to all those that see her on a good day. Day chases all the good that life offers.She loves those in her life fiercely, sometimes more than she should. Passion runs through her veins and sometimes becomes overbearing when she can’t express it. She is filled with empathy and feeds off of the energy of those around her. When she sees others smile, she smiles. When she sees people cry, she cries. She unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve, showcasing her most vulnerable emotions to those that deserve it. This side of a Gemini is such a pure side to encounter. If only you knew the other face of a Gemini, you’d be shocked it’s the same person…

Stylist and Concept: Perla Orduno


Photographer: Kaprice P.

IG: @fearmepeasants


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