Creating and Maintaining Positivity


From my experience and my own journey of creating and maintaining positivity, there are two questions to ask yourself: Am I surrounding myself with positive and uplifting people? Am I getting in the way of my own happiness and positivity? At some point in your life, you’ll have this feeling or more so realization of wondering where you are headed in life. You have to take a step back and see what direction your life is going and if you’re ok with where it’s going.

At the time of my realization, I was surrounded with people who I thought were my friends, I didn’t leave time to spend with myself, I was working at a job that didn’t make me feel happy, and I overall felt lost. I was distracting myself from my own happiness. I  wasn’t allowing myself to really think about if the life I was living was making me happy. I didn’t talk to anyone, except my best friends, about how I was feeling. When it all hit me I remember calling my best friend on the phone crying because I was so confused, sad, and angry that I allowed myself for so long to get in the way of my happiness. In a way, in order to heal, I had to hurt. I quit my job and I stopped talking to friends who didn’t make me feel happy. I overall just shut down, there would be days where all I would do was sleep all day because I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had to think about why I wasn’t happy, why I wasn’t working on my goals, and why I let so much negativity into my head. Allowing myself to hurt and to feel both positive and negative emotions helped clear my head. Coming to terms with who I am and where I want to be helped me to create positivity. When I realized that I deserved friends who cared about me and that I should always be in a place that makes me feel appreciated and accepted I started to feel genuinely happy again. I was no longer putting up a front of happiness for others.

Creating and maintaining positivity is a daily struggle, there will be negative thoughts but you have to train yourself to reject those thoughts with positive ones. Your mindset is important to your success and your overall happiness. When you allow yourself to be in a positive place there is nothing that can stop you. Please don’t deny yourself of happiness by being surrounded by negativity. Live your life happily and positively. Strive every day to protect your happiness.

(Disclaimer: This is about my own journey. Everyone’s journey is different and there can be obstacles that are out of our control. I just want to share my own story to positivity and hope that it may help someone else!)

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