Birthday Weekend in Seattle

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for a while now but to be honest I lost inspiration. With work and school consuming most of my time I didn’t even have time to think about my blog. Now that summer is here I’m going to take this time to write posts as much as I can. Starting off with telling you about how I celebrated my 20th birthday!

I travelled to Seattle with three other friends and I could not have asked for better company on a birthday trip. We started off the day by visiting the Pier. This is such a cute place to start a Seattle trip. There’s endless amounts of seafood to choose from and a great view of the ocean. Afterwards we visited the Columbia Center Sky Observatory. If you are on a budget I would recommend this instead of the Space Needle! It was like half the price ( students bring your school IDs for a discount) that you would pay at the Space Needle.

Observatory View

To finish off all the walking and sightseeing we went to the cutest vegan Thai food restaurant. The restaurant is actually in a neighborhood and looks like a house but when you walk in its filled with cute decor and a very modern feel to it. The restaurant is called Araya’s Place! I got the Red Curry and it was so good!

Day two was Pike Place! One of my friends on the trip was visiting Seattle for the first time so of course, we had to take her here! Being that I’ve only been to Seattle once before there was still so much I didn’t get to try at Pike Place. We had a little bit of everything! My favorite was Pike Place Chowder. We went to the location at Pike Place and there was a line! But don’t let it intimidate you, the line went by SUPER quick.

After this, we had mini doughnuts, Ellenos greek yogurt, COFFEE, and a lot more that I’m forgetting! The key is to get small bites of everything because you can get full quick!

We also just had to go to the Gum Wall! We took really cute polaroids and actually posted it on the wall!

After Pike Place, it was time for my birthday dinner! We went to a vegan restaurant in Capitol Hill, Plum Bistro. This restaurant has such a modern and trendy feel to it. It also has a great view of Capitol Hill.

Our final day was spent revisiting Pike Place for one last goodbye (and not gonna lie I wanted to get clam chowder again). We couldn’t leave without stopping by and taking a close up look at the Space Needle.

Right as we were about to leave for the airport we had to stop by the Starbucks Reserve! If you love Starbucks or just appreciate coffee definitely check this place out!

I honestly had so much fun on this trip. It felt long and short at the same time if that makes sense. This trip was filled with laughter, singing too loudly in the car, great views and even better company. Can’t wait for the next vacation!


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