Baja California Roadtrip: Mulege

Before arriving at our next destination, Mulege, we arrived in a small town just outside of it. Whats special about the town Santa Rosalia was that it is home to the church “Iglesia Santa Barbara de Santa Rosalia”.  Gustave Eiffel (yup, the same Eiffel that made the Eiffel Tower) created this beautiful church! This church was originally in Paris and then went to Brussels before arriving in Mexico!

We finally arrived at a beach right outside of Mulege and it was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to. Mulege’s beaches are surprisingly warm. It wasn’t too crowded so we happily ate seafood while admiring the beautiful view! Even my dog Bonbon went for a swim!

I love swimming so I literally stayed in the water until nightfall. It was so peaceful I could’ve slept while floating in the water! We spontaneously spent the night right on the beach. The night was filled with bonfires, a calm sea, and a starry night. We all didn’t have internet access so it was nice when my family would gather around the campfire to talk, laugh, and occasionally dip back into the water.  I woke up on the sandy beach right before the sun could rise. My family and I sleepily got out some chairs and waited patiently for the sun to light up the beach. I still had my swimsuit on so as soon as the sun rose from behind the mountains I jumped right back into the water, I couldn’t get enough of it! Eventually, I was forced to get out of the beautiful clear ocean to our final destination…


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