Baja California Roadtrip: Loreto

Our final destination throughout the Baja was Loreto! The main reason we arrived in Loreto was to go to one of its beautiful islands. Before we did, we visited a very small town outside of it called San Francisco Javier. In San Javier, we unexpectedly went on a little hike where we discovered a 300-year-old olive tree. It is said that the tree is lucky and grants people wishes. There have been stories of couples coming to the tree to ask for luck in having babies. Later they come back with their children and thank the tree. It could just be fake tales they say to tourists but I’d like to think magical tress exists, makes life more interesting I guess! On our hike, we found endless amounts of mango, banana, orange, and fig trees.

After this fun morning, we finally headed to an island just off the shore of Loreto. The island’s called Isla Coronado. This island is famous for its white sand filled beaches and snorkelling! On our boat ride to the island, we saw so many stingrays jumping out of the water. There were dozens of them in the water, it was such a cool sight to see. As soon as we arrived on shore I ran to the water and jumped in! I loved snorkelling and getting to explore the reefs down below. There were so many fish! They were different sizes and colors. I even saw a cute little starfish! We spent a couple of hours enjoying the turquoise waters and warm sun. This was one of my favorite days on this trip, I never wanted to leave!



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