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Alter Ego: Fauna

A long time ago, before humans roamed the planet, nature was at its weakest point. Animals were dying quickly, there was no hope for life. Each day the world grew quieter and lonelier. Nature needed its balanced restored, nature…

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Viva La Mujer

March is Women’s History Month. This is the time where we recognize women from the past and from our present that have changed the rights and futures of girls to come. I have always had…

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Alter Ego: Flora

Flora’s origin is unknown. Legend has it that she immersed from the petals of her sisters that had fallen into the river. Sunshine and wind gathered all the petals together to form her. The sun gave her life,…

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The Power To Overcome By: Kiara Morelli

  One of the biggest beauties to life is its’ downfalls and the means to overcome them. The obstacles that each person endeavors in their life helps shape and model them into who they are.…

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Little Black Dress

      Alina’s other essential are dresses. A dress that everyone should have in their closet is a little black dress. This dress can be matched with so many items and it can easily be…

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