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Spring is my favorite season! I love the weather, the long days and THE FASHION! This season is all about sheer, floral, flowy, and bright colors. I was able to style my best friend, Kiara,…

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Gemini: Night

  Gemini’s two sides are like day and night. Night is someone that when she comes to play she is unforgettable. She loves feeling wild and carefree. She loves the night sky so much she…

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Gemini: Day

 Every Gemini has two sides to them, what they allow you to see and what they keep hidden. Gemini’s two sides are like day and night. Day is warm, bright and filled with innocence. You never…

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Left My Heart In San Francisco

    For those of you who don’t know, I was born on June 2 1999 in Berkeley California. I lived in the Bay Area until I was about 4. Then my family and I moved…

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Make Opportunities Happen

I love seeing people pursuing their dream so fiercely and passionately. I find people like this so inspiring because they work their ass off to achieve their dreams. One of the people that inspire me…

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