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I Don’t Know What To Shop For: Basics

For most of us, a problem we have when shopping is: I don’t know what to shop for. I know I’m not the only person who goes into a mall, with the intention of grabbing…

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What It Means To Be A #GirlBoss

About three years ago I was at the San Diego airport browsing a bookstore when the bright pink cover of the book #GirlBoss, written by Sophia Amoruso, caught my attention. I’ve heard about this book…

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What I’ve Learned From My One Year Of Blogging!

Before My Blogging Journey Its officially been over a year since I started blogging and I wanted to share with you all that I’ve learned. I first started my blog in June 2017. After finishing…

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Lady In Red

  Over the weekend I got the privilege to attend my cousin’s wedding in beautiful Salt Lake City. I haven’t been to Salt Lake in over ten years, so it was like experiencing the city…

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Evening Chic

Summer evenings are my favorite. I love how after a hot day, the evenings bring a really chilled out ambiance. When summer hits I love bringing out my off the shoulder tops and flowy skirts!…

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