Alter Ego: Flora

Flora’s origin is unknown. Legend has it that she immersed from the petals of her sisters that had fallen into the river. Sunshine and wind gathered all the petals together to form her. The sun gave her life, the suns rays wrapping around Flora, helping her to bloom. She was awakened by songbirds awaiting for her to come to life. She awoke in a place where the sky was always blue, and the sun always warm. Walls of rock protecting her meadow and all that lived in it. She was nature’s savior, she was a source of life.Flora had a beautiful crown of flowers sprouting out of her chestnut hair. Flowers sprouting out her back, the roots intertwining with her spine. When they would grow too long, she would break them off, and send them down the river. She did this to show gratitude towards the river for letting her grow from flower petals floating within it. She was the queen of the flowers, of all things beautiful. She signified growth and patience. Everywhere she went, flowers bloomed. Her touch brought things to life. She was grace, warmth, and light. Flora welcomed all to her meadow, all those who valued peace, and those who valued life. That was until she met Fauna…

Stylist, hair, and concept: Perla Orduno
IG: @perlarashel
Makeup and model: Cierra W.
IG: @cierrablissbeauty
Photographer: Kaprice P.
IG: @fearmepeasants



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