Alter Ego: Fauna

A long time ago, before humans roamed the planet, nature was at its weakest point. Animals were dying quickly, there was no hope for life. Each day the world grew quieter and lonelier. Nature needed its balanced restored, nature needed Fauna.

Fauna arose from the ashes of all the fallen animals. Every animal that had ever lived was apart of her. She was as fierce as a cheetah, for that was her favorite animal. She loved the cheetah’s pattern and how fast the animal could run. She took care of them the most.

 Fauna was the queen of balance. She resembled the circle of life and how for all prey there was a predator. She protected natures balance with her life, making sure that as life ended a new one would begin. Fauna’s world was filled with survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten, show no remorse, and fight for what’s yours. The scratches on her face were from those who dared mess with the balance she worked so hard to maintain. The blood of all her ancestors that helped create her dangled from her ears and left her lips a permanent color of red. She embodied strength and fierceness. She was nature’s warrior. She had never known of grace or warmth until she met Flora…

Stylist, concept, and hair: Perla O
IG: @perlarashel
Model and MUA: Cierra W.
IG: @cierrablissbeauty
Photographer: Kaprice P.
IG: @fearmepeasants



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