A Week In Ensenada

Hotel Lobby at Torre Lucerna

Every year my family always makes sure we visit Mexico at least once. We went to one of my favorite places, Ensenada. Growing up every summer we went to Ensenada to explore the city and by now I think I know it pretty well. Ensenada has so much to see from vineyards about 30 minutes away to beaches that you can spot from all points in the city. I just wanted to share with you all some cute pictures I took! This vacation consisted of mostly visiting family and just taking a well-needed getaway!

What’s great about Ensenada is that there are so many local restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else. Most of the food spots are local businesses. My favorite places to go eat are hotels that are seaside. Not only do you get fresh food but also an amazing view! One of the days I was there we had breakfast in the Hotel Torre Lucerna. Its such a nice hotel and the breakfast buffet was even better! This hotel also had so many places for a good picture opportunity!

Villa Marina

A place I highly recommend if you love seafood is the restaurant, Villa Marina. It has such a rustic vibe and most of the restaurant is windows, that wa you can see the ocean that is just five feet away! I got the shrimp fettuccine as my entree but we also had tuna tartar, calamari, and my favorite ceviche! Everything was so fresh, definitely will be coming back to this place!

Deli Loop

If you love cafes like me you will love Deli Loop. They have a wine bar, deli, bakery, and coffee! I love coming to this cafe when I have some spare time because its a huge cafe where people can just read or work on their laptops!

El Corralito Restaurant

Finally, if you are looking for a good breakfast place definitely come to El Corralito. As soon as I walked in I was so shocked at how beautiful it was. It’s outside but its covered with all these trees, vines, and flowers. In every corner there was something new to see! If you are looking for some good authentic Mexican breakfast food, come here!


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